Lasik eye surgery Riverside

if you’ve done any price comparison research, you’ve seen that most doctors charge more than we do.  The reason is most have to lease their surgical equipment-and pay a “per use” charge  and their “per use” as well. To cover their leasing and “per use” charge they have to charge their patients more. On top of that, most don’t own own their facilities, so they have high lease payments to cover.

 There are three primary reasons we can charge so much less for our procedures-and still make money too.

1. We own our own state-of-art surgical equipments.

2.We own our own surgical facility so we are not at the mercy of landlords and high medical facility rents.

3. BEST LASIK Laser Eye Center is an independent medical practice. Unlike many others, we are not owned or managed by public companies or an investment group.

These reasons enable us to keep overhead down and pass  on the savings to our patients without ever sacrificing the quality of our care.