Visian ICL

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  • The ICL offers a more predictable and accurate form of refractive surgery for high myopia.
  • The procedure can be reversed if necessary.
  • The procedure does not affect the cornea.
  • The effect is almost immediate and rehabilitation is very rapid.

The Staar Visian ICL is the latest advance in implantable lenses. Unlike many other eye surgeries, Visian ICL surgery need to be performed in a approved surgery center. Dr. Cheng and her staff are proud to offer Visian ICL surgeries performed at her own operating room.

The state-of-art operating room is well provided with emergency equipments and trained personnel to handle emergencies.  We comply with the state requirements, provides dust free environment, back-up system only seen in hospital which ensure patients' safety and quality of the surgery.

By owning her own operating room, Dr. Cheng does not have to pay "per use" charge to use a surgery center, so she can pass on the saving to you!

Thus we can offer the most competitive price for Visian ICL surgery.

The lenses are used to correct high levels of nearsightedness. This exciting new technology offers a solution for patients who are ineligible for LASIK vision correction surgery. The lenses provide high definition vision without the hassle of glasses or removable contacts.

Dr. Cheng is a certified Visian ICL specialist and has helped many patients who had high levels of myopia and did not qualify for LASIK.

The implants function in the same manner as traditional contact lenses; however, they work from the inside of the eye to redirect light for better focusing power. The plastic lenses are placed behind the cornea, directly in front of the natural lens. They are invisible to the naked eye, and feel completely natural, almost as if they are not even there.


Approximately one quarter of all candidates are ineligible for laser eye correction because their cornea is too thin and irregular, or their prescription level is so high that it falls outside of the treatment range. While these patients may not qualify for Laser surgery, they can often receive implantable lenses at our practice.

The Visian ICL Procedure

The procedures are performed at Dr. Cheng own operating room on premises. The entire procedure takes approximately 20-30 minutes. Prior to implantation, drops are placed in the eye to reduce pupil size, and the patient receives a local anesthetic. A small incision is made along the side of the cornea, and the lens is slipped between the iris and the cornea. The implant is centered and gently attached to the iris. Finally, the incision is closed without stitches. 

Visian ICL: What to Expect Following Surgery

Recovery from the implant procedure at our practice will take a few days. To maximize safety, only one lens is implanted at a time.

They have an extremely high success rate at our practice. The majority of our patients achieve 20/20 vision or better following the implant surgery. Because we require that the candidates have a stable prescription prior to implantation. Dr. Cheng personally exam your eyes and carefully checks your prescription.

Complications are rare. During your consultation at our practice, we will discuss all possible side effects, and answer any further questions you have about the lenses. If cataracts should develop following the implantation, the lens will have to be removed. The patient can proceed with cataract surgery, where we will replace the natural lens of the eye , which will correct the cataract as well as the myopia. Another very rare complication is development of acute glaucoma. This is normally prevented by making a small drainage hole through the colored iris during surgery to allow the fluid to flow normally around the ICL.