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About Our Staff


    Emily Lopez, R.N.

Emily has been with our practice since 2003. She is passionate and dedicated with patient care. She is the circulating nurse and post-operative nurse when you have intraocular surgeries at our facility.

Hector is both a surgery  counselor and certified laser technician. He now has almost 10 years of experience in ophthalmology and laser vision care. He assists in performing many of the tests we do as a part of our comprehensive consultation process, and will happily explain the significance of every diagnostic test we perform.

Vanessa is our principal reception concierge and patient coordinator. Vaness is a Medical Assistant. She answers phones, schedules appointments, coordinates reception desk functions, and helps with peri-operative patient care on days we do LASIK. She is the one to talk to when you're ready to schedule any care, or if you would like to make any changes in dates of scheduled care.