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  Patient Profiles

For as  long as I can remember,  I have suffered with poor vision.  Many of my friends ;and co -workers have had LASIK surgery to corrected their vision, but I have always been too nervous to follow through with the procedure.  Finally, in May of 2008,  I decided that I would have my  vision corrected.

   I researcher who would be the best doctor to perform my LASIK surgery and I decide on Dr. Jean Cheng, MD.  I was very impressed with   Dr. Cheng and nursing staff.  All of my questions and concerns regarding the surgery were answered and my nerves put at ease.

  Over the years, I have spent a lot of money on material possessions and I now realize that LASIK surgery is by far my best investment  I am very thankful to Dr Cheng and her staff for correcting my vision to near perfection.  I am no longer bothered by eye glasses or contact lenses.  My only regret is not contacting Dr Cheng sooner.

Anikumar  (Anil)  Mathasseril   Date: 08-28-2008

Dr Cheng and her staff were very professional on my first visit.  They took the time to answer all of my questions.

I chose Dr Cheng for LASIK based on servile factors;  knowledge and passion that she has for her Visx s4 laser machine accessibility to her staff ass well as to Dr Cheng 24/7 the office was near my house completive price   

I highly recommend Dr. Cheng the operation was a success.

Phana Seng

Before I came to see Dr. Cheng I went to other LASIK centers and also did research in the internet.  Dr. Cheng had the latest technology off the.  But that's not all the that help me decide. It was also the way she treated me.   I was very impressed with her and her staff  and he knowledge of every detailed related to the LASIK surgery  I'm very happy with the results of my LASIK surgery I would recommend her to anyone.

Jose R Hernandez

Dear Dr. Cheng,

I have started this letter several time never finding the enough or the right words to say thank you.

Please allow me at this time to say heartfelt  thanks for taking time from your hectic schedule to exhibit true patience, understanding and unwavering commitment o your job.  You gave me hope and a better understanding of what I am dealing with and again I thank you.       

I have never felt comfortable with any Doctors, but with you felt comfortable and hopeful.  Without a doubt you are an asset to your profession, so on the days that are  so good remember there is someone you know who appreciates you and all that you do.  i wish you the best of luck in all that you endeavor.

I end end this letter with thank you, hope, faith and a better understanding. Sincerely.

Sandra j Lyles                                       September 1, 1999

Dr. Cheng and Staff,

I wanted to sincerely thank you for the wonderful job you did in restoring my vision through LASIK surgery. My vision is clearer and sharper than it ever was with corrective lenses of any type.

I was fairly nervous going into the surgery, as I am sure many people are. Both Dr. Cheng and her staff helped to make the processes comfortable as possible. Dr. Cheng was very thorough in explaining the procedure to me, and she let me know exactly what to expect during the recovery process. During the LASIK procedure, I felt absolutely no pain at any time and no major discomfort. The process was extremely quick. The eyes were slightly irritated when I got home. I took a nap and when I woke up, I saw a new world! The recovery process was very quick and easy, and I was able to function completely normal the next day. I am so happy that I finally decided to have LASIK surgery. I am especially glad that I chose Dr. Cheng to perform the procedure!!

Thank you again!