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Extended Testing





In certain circumstances, after performing the complimentary evaluation described in The LASIK Workup, we may advise that additional testing is necessary to complete our assessment, and give you our best recommendations. If this is the case, you will be advised that the complimentary portion of the evaluation has concluded, and that fees will be incurred for additional services. We will ask you to approve and authorize any further testing.

This may be warranted, for example, if any of the following apply:

  1. If measurements made as a part of our free consultation warrant extra time, caution, or consideration, as might be appropriate in the case of:
    1. Very high corrections
    2. Borderline or thin corneal tissue readings
    3. Excessively steep or flat corneal curvature on topography
    4. Small corneal diameter
    5. Unusual eyelid configuration, presence of lid disease, or incomplete eyelid closure
    6. Other conditions that might adversely affect healing
    7. Very large pupil size
    8. Presence of ocular surface disease, significant “dry eye” status, etc.
  2. If multiple visits are advised for any reason, such a repeat refraction after stopping wear of hard lenses, to determine stability; (b) if treatment of medical conditions of the eyes or eyelids is advised prior to contemplating surgery; etc.
  3. If extended consultation is required due to individual circumstances or special needs. Examples might include (a) individuals with reduced vision in one eye; (b) if you have had prior laser or other eye surgery.
  4. If testing or a several-day trial in soft contact lenses is advised
  5. If you indicate an interest in monovision, and have not yet tried this yourself (typically with soft contact lenses), in which case we would recommend an appropriate fitting and trial of such lenses.