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 At BEST LASIK Laser Eye Center, you’re under the care of highly skilled, fully certified laser vision correction experts who have performed thousands of successful procedures. Dr. Cheng uses state-of-the art Visx Star S4 with Iris registration laser systems that are computer-guided for ultimate safety. Since its introduction, laser vision correction has passed the rigid safety standards and intensive scrutiny of public health agencies and medical professionals across the globe. FDA approval of the procedure in the U.S. came in 1995 after ten full years of clinical trials. Worldwide, over two million procedures have been performed. Complications affecting vision are reported at a rate of less than one percent. In fact, laser vision correction carries less risk of infection than wearing contacts.

Wave Scan   Custom Vue     

Wave Scan technology identifies and measures imperfections in an individual’s eye 25 times more precisely than standard methods for glasses or contact lenses. Wave Scan technology produces a detailed map of your eye. Much like a fingerprint, no two eyes are exactly alike.

    The digital information is transferred to the VISX Star S4 with Iris Registration Excimer Laser System which performs the CustomVue procedure.

    Your CustomVue treatment “designed” to correct the unique imperfection of your vision.




We feature state-of-the-art VISX Star S4 and Wave front technology. The exclusive combination of technology delivers unbeatable results.

    With the CustomVue procedure, no two prescriptions are identical.

    CustomVue treatment establishes a new standard for the measurement and correction of the unique imperfection in each individual’s vision.

    This precise level of measurement and correction enables individual to potentially achieve their Personal best Vision.