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Philosophy and Principles

At BEST LASIK Laser Eye Center, we are proud of the way we run our office, and very proud of the relationships we have with our patients. We are pleased to share with you some of the guiding principles by which we operate our practice.

  • Our first priority is to educate, inform, give good advice, and render good care. In some practices, the first priority is to generate revenue. This makes a huge difference in how patients are treated, and it is unmistakable. Keep that in mind when you seek medical care from any doctor or service professional.
  • Though our business is vision care, one of the most important things we endeavor to do is listen closely to our patients. Some of our competitors practice a "cookie-cutter" brand of laser vision care, with standard advice and treatment patterns based on age. By talking with, and listening carefully to each person as an individual, we learn more about your lifestyle, visual needs, visual difficulties and so forth. This helps us to give customized, personal advice about vision correction. Think of the difference between a custom-tailored dress (or suit)and something bought off the rack. Needless to say, custom attention assures a better "fit"!
  • We strive to maintain good long-term relationships with our patients and our employees. This is a different strategy than that of certain other centers, where it seems they want only to do your surgery, then not to hear from you afterwards.
  • We subscribe to the 'Mechanics First Law': "If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it." If you are completely happy in eyeglasses or contact lenses, and feel no desire to have vision correction care, then don’t! We won’t pressure you, cajole you, or try to “sell” you. If you’re interested, we’re here to help you get the best results technically and humanly possible.
  • It was either Bob Vila on “Tool Time” or Tim Allen on “Home Improvement” that once advised, “Measure twice, cut once.” While this advice was intended for carpentry, it applies to laser vision correction care as well. We check and double-check your refraction as a part of our original consultation, and if necessary, check again before surgery. Good measurements contribute to good results.
  • When the office is open, our phone is always answered by an employee, not an answering machine or some telemarketer. We are not interested in mass-marketing laser treatment, like some practices. Sometimes our phones get busy, and callers have to spend a few seconds on hold. But you’ll never hear, “for quality purposes, this call may be monitored.”
  • Sometimes, the best surgery to have is no surgery at all.
  • On rare occasion, unexpected things happen, even in the best of hands. When this happens, we have to work harder, and provide more extensive care, than if things had gone perfectly. We give you our commitment that we will do exactly that.

·         We accept full responsibility for everything that we do in our office. This may seem unusual in an era when many others look to evade responsibility or blame others for problems.